Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am for dinner, a chant.

Everywhere I look, there's a microphone
The phone is tapped when I call my home
They watch my moves when I'm all alone...

Just under the stairs, they sit and listen
They wear sunglasses at night, who's with them
Who signed the commission to send me to prison?

What could he be? I saw him last noon.
Staring me down like an angry baboon
Wearing that mask to seem like a hume'

His shark-like teeth glistened tonight
Brushed past my window, just out of sight
I heard his stomach grumble, anxious for a bite

There are no normal cars on the road these days
Following me, are the black Stingrays
Sunglasses just darker than the windshield they- 

Sit behind, in pursuit of my bones.
This isn't the government, it's something unknown
The slithering thing wants to steal my throne

This is my last night, breathing the air
I'm laying on my couch, hearing sounds everywhere
This is my last night, breathing the air
The sound's getting louder and it's right over there...

Oh my god...
Suddenly his hunger doesn't seem so odd.
He's chewing my spine, and I'm starting to nod...

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