Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blood On Da Wallz

My God... I...

Let me at least say I'm sorry, baby, please. Don't... don't go.
Oh that's right.
You can't.
But hear me out at least.
I'm fascinated by your patience, even after what I've done here. Please don't interrupt. Where was I? Oh yes!
The knife worked splendidly, you have to admit. It was like cutting butter. Even the knife tricks I performed beforehand added to the atmosphere. Theatrics are important to me.
So yeah, how did it feel? The murder, I mean. Did it hurt? Did it go on too long? Are you angry at me?
No, of course not.
Look at that smile.
Pinned up on the ambrosian wall.
That wall.
My pin-up girl.
On the wall.
The wall with all the blood.