Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weird Mystery Water


I've been noticing it a lot more recently. Grumbles. A lot of odd, distant, grumbly sounds. I thought I'd mention it because it became very pronounced last night.

I really enjoy when I wake up early and I don't feel like crud. I get started on all my tasks and assignments. I pour myself a gallon of coffee, haha, and just take the world on! I'm a fierce tiger, I'm a gamma ray, I'm a


There it goes again..

It's coming from the backyard. I think I'll check it out...

I didn't see anything, lol, but it's probably nothing. It's a lot more odd and almost scary at night. Heh. I should get my breakfast started! It's fun to get an early start on my journal, but more important to eat, Though.

Ugh. I ended up just eating toast. Not a very fulfilling start but it's fine. I couldn't really cook much else because all of the dishes I was planning on using were in the dishwasher. And something is really wrong with the dishwasher. All of the pots and pans were in there, despite their irregular shape and stuff. Well yeah, all of the water in my dishwasher has gone done, toast, I say, toast black! A weird, stand-offish, odd goopy type issue. Oh, the dread.

So I just had toast... #lame

Anyway, back to me...

Love is awesome. It's astonishing that I'm genuinely, 100% getting married, for sure, soon.


I think I have an issue with my dishwasher.... BRB guys.

AHHHH! I opened up the dishwasher and now I'm being chased! Ahhh! A weird, sketchy, gross creature is chasing me in my marital home! Help me! #lame #lame!!! Ok, so I opened up my dishwasher once more and I looked deep inside to see the cause of this weird musty ass stank water and it was gross! I put in a scrubby cloth and my hand was nearly ripped and shellacked to pieces! In fact, most of my arm is red, and barren! It only got the cloth, but it jumped from the darkness and pounced upon my person! I got from beneath the gross beast and ran and sprinted!

Now I'm being chased! Ahhhhhh! It's getting closer to me! Ah! I really hope I don't die haha! AHHHHHHHHHHHH


Help me!
I'm getting married!
Now I'm dying! I'm dying because the monster got me!

This blog post was found on the computer screen of Yelmac Tobias on the afternoon of 10/10/15.
He and fiance were found decimated, beheaded, and scrapped in the living room. They died together, and were bloody.

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