Saturday, October 17, 2015

Free Ride

To whom it may concern:

Hi! My name is Jeremy Lolux, I'm a regular patron of the Groever City Transit System. I had never been much of a complainer, but I feel like now is the time that I ought to finally bring pen to paper and contact whoever is in charge of the code of conduct for the bus and rail lines. Now, I've seen a few oddities going on with other passengers throughout the past months, and all of those things have really just subsided in my mind. No big deal. However, within the past week, not only did one of your buses pass me at a bus stop entirely- which I am willing to understand because I was in a darker colored work uniform- but also I encountered a situation that I feel needs some attention. I would like to call attention to it because I feel like the driver of this particular bus did very little to control a a concerning incident.

As I was boarding the the 252 bus from Atkins Parkway @ Lago Street, two young men were also getting on. Behind them was an older man who had allowed another person to go ahead in front of him. I was barely paying attention until one of the younger men yelled "what did you say?" and continued to shout at the old man. My only guess is that the young man understood the older man's motive as him putting distance between himself and the younger men because of their apparent sexual preference. Maybe he said something about it, I can't tell. I could see why they would be defensive, but it also just as easily could have been a misunderstanding. Still, for my remainder of the trip, I the boys continued to taunt to older man as he stayed silent. During this, they made pretty audible threats toward him about what he should look out for if they happened to get off at the same stop. This was none of my business, though, but I think that your driver could have done a little more to ensure overall safety or at least quiet down the two rowdy gentlemen. I really don't know what became of this situation after I left, but I figured I'd take the time to let you know what I witnessed.

Thank you,

Dear Jeremy,

Here at the Groever Transit Authority, we fully value your opinion and thank you for your feedback. If you are not already aware of the situation in question, the driver is currently suspended and the two men have been apprehended. 

We are very sorry for missing you at your bus stop and we would like to offer you a month of paid bus fare, on us! Thank you for being a valuable passenger of the Groever City Transit Authority.

Keith J. Williams

Dear Mr. Williams,

I truly appreciate your consideration and I thank you for this month's free bus fare. It has helped me a great deal. Unfortunately, I do have another issue that needs to be addressed. We are still in the middle of summer and the air conditioning on the trains is not very satisfactory. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

Jeremy L.

Dear Keith Williams,

I am not entirely sure if you received my last letter but I am very disappointed. I have called the main office but they have offered little to no actual help about the air conditioning situation. I will have you know that my month of paid fare is almost at its end and I am not sure if I would like to continue using your services any longer, under these circumstances. Please, let me know what you can do to resolve this situation.


Dear Jeremy,

We apologize for the late reply. If you would check your email, you will find two more monthly bus fare vouchers. We are working on the air conditioning at the moment, sorry for any inconvenience. Let us know if you have any further issues.

Keith J. Williams

Dear Keith J. Williams,

I was a passenger of the route 15 "grey event" that has been in the news lately. I am sure you know what happened, but as a very aware passenger, I would like to point out a lot of the things that your staff and railway operator could have done to improve the situation. First of all, the air conditioning has not been fixed. Summer is drawing to a close, so I won't dig too deep into that, but I definitely feel like it was a majorly frustrating factor in the event. I mean, not only was it hot and stuffy and on the train, but it had a very odd odor that I would rather my clothes not continue to smell like. Still, that is obviously the smallest of concerns.

Moments before the actual event, I was sitting a few seats away from a heavyset young man with a volunteer name tag that seemed to read, "Gorlop".  I don't know what that means. He was with a group of three or four young women, including a girl with funky-colored hair. I'm almost sure that this group was somewhat intoxicated, and this group kept looking in my direction nearly the entire trip. I didn't take any offense to it, it seemed harmless at the moment. I admit to looking in their direction as well because they were wearing top hats and goggles and stuff. Other than those few things, I remember having a particularly comfortable seat, though.

Later, I began to overhear that same group of friends talking about old and vintage computers and using the word "steam" a lot. That's around when the train actually did somewhat appear to be acting up. There was an unfamiliar screech that doesn't usually happen, even when slowing down. At that moment, I considered writing another one of these letters until I noticed the kid named Gorlop was clutching his heart and making funny sounds. I was alarmed, but it was none of my business. His group of friends just continued to laugh as if they weren't even able to register that their pal was in pain! Another woman shouted when she noticed what was happening, but I stayed in my seat. The lady asked him a few times if he was ok and attempted to approach him for some type of CPR tricks but then the girls he was with quickly grabbed the woman and threw her away from him. I was making a point to keep to myself, during all of this. The girls began frantically stomping up and down the aisle as the train became a lot less stable and even missed a couple of stops. I was getting particularly frustrated about the heat on top of being totally confused. Plus I didn't want them to stomp on my groceries and crush my carton of eggs. I started to smell melting plastic or something and then things got even more odd. The young women began flailing around in almost impossible ways, so I almost assumed it was a part of some weird performance art piece. They would take turns shouting weird words that sounded like "Pepto!" and "Shrek 2! Shrek 2! Freon!". I looked at the fat guy and he was nearly on the floor, still struggling. The rails screeched and the last thing I remember seeing before all of the power went out was some black goop in the trail of where the two girls were walking. Actually, now I really don't remember much happening after it got dark.

Anyway, I figured you would like to hear about this. Your staff could be a lot more attentive to these kind of things. I definitely would like some sort of compensation for this experience.

Jeremy L.

Dear Jeremy,

I am sorry for the troubling experience. However, I have been informed that there absolutely no survivors of the grey event and unfortunately we are unable to give any compensation at this time.

Thank you.

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