Monday, October 10, 2011


There was a noise from downstairs. Someone was shouting and grunting. The guy upstairs made a joke, "Are you okay down there?" followed by a short laugh. He didn't stop to wonder what the case would actually have to be for the person downstairs to not be okay.

The person downstairs, this guy's oldest friend, was not okay. In fact, he was being dissected. The last of these grunts actually did answer the guy's sarcastic question: "No! unh. ushk".

It was after half an hour of silence that the guy from upstairs decided to check on his friend. Well, when he finally made it down the stairway, he opened the basement door to find three humanoid hexapod-like figures kind of chilling around his table-tennis desk. And on the table, was a bunch of slices of his friend.

"Oh, well I guess he wasn't okay, then". He wiped a single tear from his forehead and said, "I'm not sure who you people are but you did a number on my oldest friend, he's dead, I wish you guys a happy holiday, I'm off to bed". He put on his baseball cap and immediately traveled back upstairs. As he sat back down, he concluded his trip with a sigh and muttered, "My friend is sliced".

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