Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey men, what's going on? It's Terror in the house. I was just getting back from a long day at the range and had a conversation about dreams... or nightmares to be more specific. Well, I told them about this dream I had once when I was in high school about the Quiznos sub with eyes that used to sing in an irritating voice on the commercials. You ever see that guy? Well anyway it basically ended with him coming out of the fireplace of a lavish living room that was apparently mine and telling me he was going to take me to hell with him in a raspy, whispering voice. It was actually terrifying. It made me realize why whoever created the child's play movies thought Chucky would actually be scary. It's because when you see things that are normally cheerful or humorous take a drastic turn into the morbid and horrific, you know deep down inside that something is very wrong on some primal, instinctual level. Don't get me wrong, those movies aren't scary in the least, probably more in the dark humor vein of things. Speaking of dark humor, I recently watched a movie called Visioneers with Zach Galifinakis and the thing that made that movie a knee-slapper, besides the fact that Zach is just laugh-a-minute any way, is the way he said the word "Chaos". It sounded like "Chay-oss" but it was great because he was actually banging on his son's door (who never actually shows up in the movie) and he was saying "I found your package, have you been reading about wolves again?! I will not have this chaos in my house!" That was just wonderful. I'd give it five stars but I don't believe in the star system. I'd give it a fresh rating with a 94 percent, but Rotten Tomatoes seems a little to holier-than-thou for me to emulate. Probably just give it 60 demon-souls, because that system is at least dignified as it stands.

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