Friday, October 5, 2012


My Moon Avoids Me
My Ending Arrives in an Eagle's Talon

It was 8 a.m. and I'd gotten a phonecall. I didn't ignore it this time.
I answered, "hello, hi, hi.. hi" because I wouldn't know how loud my voice was, so early.
Waiting for the response, I looked beyond my side table and checked the calender.
I knew it was a Thursday, I knew it was the 25th- a steady constant.
"Yes, hello. So here's the bad news..."
"'re rotting inside."
I know.
That's how we're built.
"'re being hunted."
Seems inevitable.
Honorable, even.
" are alone in the world."
That's not true.
That's not worth a phonecall.

I'm only reminded.
Hindsight and beyond.
Regret of the years, regret of the modest vessel.

It was still 8 a.m.
I'm still waiting, anticipating a horrible introduction.
"'re not very pretty."
I thought I was.

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