Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Synchronightmare Pt. 1

January 7th, 200* - 5:04 PM

[Joey begins to remove his jacket when his room mate, Chen, begins to acost him about the trash not being taken out that morning.]

Chen: Joey, it was your turn today.

Joey: Yeah, yeah... I know. I'll take it out in a second.

Chen: Better, you cracker-ass piece of shit.

Joey: Watch it, Zipperhead.

Chen: What? Are you soiling your trousers about a little bit of meaningless racism?

Joey: No, I just have a habit of inserting retorts where they're due. Besides, Asians can't make fun of white people. Your dicks are smaller than ours.

Chen: That's why it's so easy to skull fuck you in your sleep, beetch.

Joey: You aren't defending your case very well. Anyway, I don't have time for your shit. [Walks across room to grab the trash, and heads for the door] Don't wait up, I'm going to sleep under Noose Park Bridge tonight.

[Joey leaves, slamming the door behind him. Once he's gone, Chen goes to his closet and fetches a shoe box from the top shelf. From the bottom of the box, he produces a well-kept pistol and puts it in his mouth, laughing quietly to himself around the muzzle]

January 8th, 200* - 4:32 AM

[Joey walks into the dorm room quietly, carrying a black garbage bag full of jingling metal objects. The light cast from outside falls directly over Chen's face, waking him up. He sits up in bed.]

Chen: Odd ours to be sneaking in. Whatcha got in that bag, a dead cyborg whore?

Joey: Go back to sleep, Ching-Chong. You really don't wanna know what's inside this bag.

Chen: The oriental mind is always inquisitive, I guarantee you. How do you think the Japs ended up thinking of tentacle porn? Look, you woke me up at oh-dark-thirty in the damn morning, and I am sure there will be no sleeping if I attempt to lay back down. I think you owe it to me.

Joey: I don't owe you shit. If you're not tired anymore, go over to the botany wing and tend to your fucking rice paddy.

Chen: Hmm, cute. Your quips are explosively clever. I'm gonna start writing them down in hopes that one day, I too will possess the power of extreme jack-assery.

Joey: Yeah... [Carries garbage bag into the bathroom and begins unloading its contents onto the tile floor]

Chen: [While walking into the bathroom to observe Joey's work] You really are fuckin- [He enters the room and sees a series of strange titanium pipes and frame pieces laying on the floor in borderline OCD fashion] - Holy shit! What are you building with that crap?

Joey: You don't.. [sighs and wipes sweat from brow] .. want to know. In time, however, you will.

Chen: What do you mean by that?

Joey: Just fucking leave! Damn!

Chen: Not until you- [Chen's phone begins to ring] -hold on. [Answers phone] Hello? Mom? What's going on?... Really? Christ... I- I'll be right over, give me twenty minutes. [Hangs up phone]

Joey: What's the matter? Did the dog get stuck in your mom again?

Chen: Shut up, this is serious. My mom can hardly speak! She says she's bleeding. I have to go.

Joey: Give her my warmest regards! [Chuckles] Tell her that I know losing her virginity must have been hard, especially to a filthy fucking doggy!

[Chen slams the door on his way out. Joey continues to tinker with the titanium parts with a psychotically content grin on his face.]

January 8, 200* - 10:16 PM

[Joey is lounging on his bed, reading a thin book. Chen slowly enters with a grave expression. His formerly white shirt is now a dark shade of crimson.]

Joey: Hey bud. Whatchu got goin' on over there?

[Chen does not respond, but continues to shamble towards the sink.]

Joey: Konichiwa! Hey, motherfucker! What's with you? Did your dear momma keel over or somethin'?

Chen: [Casts a haggard look of hate over his shoulder at Joey, then continues to face away from him] As a matter of fact... she really is dead. Thanks for asking.

Joey: [Barely able to suppress a smile] That's just.. well.. downright terrible. I'm sorry, man.

Chen: Sure. I think I'm just gonna go to sleep. Can you try to keep it down?

Joey: Oh, don't even worry about that. [Sets book down and goes to his closet to grab a blazer] I have a little bit of business to attend to. I won't be back until noon tomorrow.

Chen: Whatever.

[Joey quickly leaves, forgetting to lock his closet. Chen steps back from the sink and dries his face of sweat with his bloody shirt. As he turns around, his eyes detect a familiar pattern in Joey's closet. It's a shred of the skirt that his mother was wearing when he found her, sticking haphazardly out of a pile of dirty laundry. He lifts a handful of soiled shirts to discover a few polaroids as well. Upon closer inspection of the pictures, he sees an even more familiar sight: His mother laying face up in her living room with a number of meat hooks jutting from her abdomen and neck.]

To be continued...

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