Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Nervous newly-weds on their night out.
Medicines will wring anxiety to drought.
They slip under crisp, new covers.
Murderers come and kill them.
They kill newly-weds on purpose.
They slip in and kill some lovers.
Victims leave and are dead.
They get dead, on mistake.
They must be jealous.
Young folks are dead and passed.
They must be very crazy people.
Youths are no longer cuddling.
They must pull murders, often.
Youngs are without previous mortality.
Murders are caused because of a sterling silver knife.
Mad folks come and find a young folk and stop their life.
These murderous pals come and murder because they wish they could marry.
Instead, murders are asunder to which there is surprised and then they bury.
Malcolm, Dina, Shane, Qualler, and Belle are among the passed and deceased.
The folks who have committed their murder are in big trouble, in jail, not released.
Murderers like Rowel and Filder are not supposed to chop folks up like they did in real life.
They are not supposed to be bad and kill young people having sex on their honeymoon.

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