Monday, December 7, 2009

Just imagine..

"You have no choice in the matter even though it is YOUR life. Regardless, I need to kill you, and i'm going to have to. I'm doing it for me, so it's okay. Oh and don't scream while i'm doing it. That just annoys me, and it's such an inconvenience. You should be thankful i'm giving you a first class trip to Hellven (because no one really knows for sure until it happens). So yeah, just give me like an hour to sharpen my favorite knife I use for throat slitting and I will zip on by there... alright... alright... well-.... oh you're gonna be taking a shower?... oh okay, well-... yeah, well make it 2 hours then, that will give me time to practice my murderer faces (and sounds). You want it to be long or short?.... No, I'll let you decide, that really doesn't effect the final product... No, don't tell your son, then I'll have to kill him and I was saving him and your mother for after you died so that he could watch the last living relative he had pass away before his eyes and meet his own demise shortly after... no don't worry... It-.... It will be cruel, I promise... O-.... Haha, you're watching Spongebob? Cool. Anyways, okay. I will see you tonight in a couple of hours and we will get this thing done.... Allllright... Sounds like a plan, seeya then... You too, love ya. Bye."

That was pleasant.

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